Caramelized Rice Cereal

This recipe comes from Michael Laiskonis’ Workbook, a collection of dessert recipes that can be used alone or as a component to a cake, pie or other confection. While it may sound silly, like a Rice Krispie Square in disguise, I assure you the flavor is more sophisticated and it will not leave your fingers all white and sticky. This caramelized rice is delicious mixed into a ganache to make a croquant cake, or as a pie topping. Pierre Herme uses caramelized rice to top off his Tout Paris macaron, as seen below.

macarons with caramelized rice

Macarons with caramelized rice via pralinette en vadrouille

Laiskonis was head dessert chef at New York’s 3 michelin restaurant Le Bernadin till 2007. He is currently a creative director at the Institute of Culinary Education. Here , he includes the caramelized rice as a topping for a  gianduja and black sesame sponge cake dessert.

Caramelized rice dessert Bake Bellissima

Gianduja and black sesame sponge cake topped with caramelized rice, via Institute of Culinary Education

I used it to top buttercrunch as a nut free topping alternative. Enjoy!

Pecan Buttercrunch Recipe

Bake Bellissima

Caramelized Rice Recipe by Michael Laiskonis

240g granulated sugar

80g water

200g rice cereal

10 g unsalted butter


1. Place sugar in a large saute pan and moisten with water.

2. Over medium heat, cook sugar until nearly all water has evaporated but before it begins to color.

3. Add cereal and stir gently to coat with the sugar.

4. Continue cooking and cooking as sugar crystalizes. The sugar will begin to melt and caramelize.

5.  When most of the sugar has remelted and coated the cereal, remove from the heat and stir in the butter gently yet thoroughly. Transfer to a silpat to cool.

6. Store in sealed plastic bags.


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