Base Recipe: Pecan Praline with Smoked Sea Salt

Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

Delicious on its own, or as part of a salad or dessert, pecan praline is pure genius. Sure you can buy it ready made, but good quality praline can be pricey, and I assure that once you make this at home, you will not go back to store bought because the flavor of this recipe cannot be beat. Also, it is ready in a few minutes, really no biggie. Try it!

Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

Just a few ingredients are needed to prepare this treat.


Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

When you mix the sugar and water, it will soon begin bubbling away, after a few minutes, it will begin to color. At this point, keep an eye on it until it darkens to a nice amber color. Remove from the heat and mix in the pecans. You do not want to let the caramel darken too much, it will taste burnt.

Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

Mix in the nuts, and voila, it is ready to spread on the prepared pan with parchment paper. Sprinkle with smoked sea salt right away before the caramel sets. Enjoy!

Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

(adapted from Chuck Hughes’ Garde-Manger Cookbook)


1 cup Sugar

2 Tablespoons Water

2 Cups Whole Pecans

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt


In a small saucepan, bring the sugar and water to a boil.

When the caramel starts to take on a deep golden color, remove from heat and add in the whole pecans.

Stir until the pecans are coated with the caramel.

Spread the pecans onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment.

While still hot, sprinkle with smoked sea salt.

Once cool, break into pieces.

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